Repair Gas Turbine Nozzles Quickly, Easily + Affordably

If your gas turbine first stage nozzles are damaged or eroded, Frarendi can help. Our innovative trailing edge replacement coupons enable you to repair gas turbine nozzles quickly, easily and affordably. Simply cut out and replace the damaged sections with new durable components, rather than welding the piece or replacing the nozzle entirely. Our coupons are designed to fit most GE frame gas turbines, feature precision engineered EDM cooling holes and are made of FSX-414 Alloy, just like the original parts. We also offer repair plates for vane segments, trailing edge core plugs and H guide blocks. Order Frarendi’s gas turbine repair parts for first-stage nozzles today!

Replace Gas Turbine Nozzle Trailing Edge Sections in 3 Easy Steps

It’s never been easier to replace gas turbine nozzle sections that are damaged or eroded. Frarendi’s coupons make the repair process simple, fast and affordable.

1. Order Frarendi’s replacement coupons based on the exact specifications of your damaged gas turbine first stage nozzle. We offer an extensive inventory of parts that fit most GE frame gas turbines. Our parts are forged from FSX-414 Alloy, include professional EDM cooling holes and match the dimensions of the original parts or sections.

2. Cut out the damaged section of the turbine first stage nozzle.

3. Weld the new, high quality, durable Frarendi replacement component into place.

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