Frarendi has been a respected industry leader in the worldwide gas turbine repair sector for 30 years. The company’s innovative repair parts and methodologies are frequently featured in industry magazines and presented at industry tradeshows. Check back for the latest articles about Frarendi.

Articles + White Papers

Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide Magazine Showcases Frarendi’s Gas Turbine Nozzle Trailing Edge Replacement Parts

Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide Magazine features Frarendi’s unique approach to gas turbine repairs: replacement coupons for the damaged or eroded sections of first stage nozzles. The article explores Frarendi’s history, leadership, step-by-step process, turnaround time on parts delivery and…

PowerEngineering Magazine Explores Frarendi’s Method for Repairing Hot Section Nozzle Trailing Edges on Gas Turbines

PowerEngineering Magazine investigates Frarendi’s methodology for GE gas turbine nozzle repairs. The article explores the cost-benefit analysis of repairing versus replacing hot section nozzle trailing edges on GE gas turbines. Topics include operational expenses, performance standards, maintenance costs and life…

Energy Central Highlights Frarendi’s IGT Repair Solutions for Enhancing Power Plant Profitability

Energy Central explores Frarendi’s “Replacement Coupons” for damaged and eroded first-stage gas turbine nozzles. This innovative IGT repair solutions helps to increase power plant profitability by reducing repair costs, decreasing downtime and extending the overall lifespan of equipment. Read the…

Turbomachinery International Magazine Features Frarendi’s Innovative Gas Turbine Repair Parts

Turbomachinery International Magazine features Frarendi’s innovative “Replacement Coupons” for first-stage gas turbine nozzles as an alternative repair option to purchasing replacement parts from OEMs. The coupons offer a multitude of benefits including faster repair time, less equipment downtime, affordable repair…

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